Following in the vein of my “Walk On It" response, I did the Art Assignment "Imprint" slowly and without many expectations. I finally completed it, using some cut flowers I had been gifted for a recent birthday. I sliced orchids, chrysanthemums, roses, and a carnation sliced in half with a straight blade in several different directions and used three paint colors (red, blue, and green) I happened to have on hand. Before beginning, I thought I would leave the prints relatively separate of one another, but shortly after starting I decided to purposefully overlap them, since so much of the project (such as the shapes created) was out of my control anyway. While I let the occasional one maintain its shape pretty independently, letting it become a busier print left me less room to be overly critical of it.
(Kristen, she, etc.)

Ann Taylor Holiday 2014

In honor of back-to-school.

Editor’s Pick: Nappa Ankle Boots

My current light rail travel buddy: a little Moleskine with a slightly nouveau styled Tjora in it. Not all of this was drawn on the train ( that would be silly) but I’ve been picking at it during my commutes.

Ballpoint (good ol’ crappy Bics!)